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Dr Shanthi Mahesh

Head of the Department Data Mining Big data Analytics... View Profile

Dr Neha Mangla

Associate Professor Networks Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr JayaSudha K

Associate Professor Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence and Mac... View Profile

Dr K S Ananda Kumar

Associate Professor WSN, Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Metan

Associate Professor WSN, AIML... View Profile

Mr Omprakash B

Assistant Professor WSNS BDA IOT Data science... View Profile

Ms Roshni Ahmed

Assistant Professor ML Big data Analytics Data Mining... View Profile

Prof Shruthi B

Assistant Professor Web Technology, Computer Networks,Desing and Analy... View Profile

Mrs Kavitha Patil

Assistant Professor Microcontroller and Embedded System... View Profile

Mrs Ranjitha J

Assistant Professor AI, ML, Image processing, Unix, File Structures, C... View Profile

Mrs Vijayalakshmi V

Assistant Professor Analog and Digital Electronics Internet of Thing... View Profile

Mr Srinivas B V

Assistant Professor Cloud Computing Machine learning... View Profile

Prof Prapulla G

Assistant Professor Oops C++ Unix Cloud computing DBMS... View Profile

Ms Uzma Sultana

Assistant Professor Advance Java, Mobile Application Development, Comp... View Profile

Mrs Kavitha Vasanth

Assistant Professor Computer Science & Engineering... View Profile

Ms VidhyaPriya V

Assistant Professor C programming, C# , computer networks, Data struct... View Profile

Mrs Asma Begum S

Assistant Professor Information Technology... View Profile

Mrs Sonia S B

Assistant Professor Cloud computing, User interface Design, Python, HT... View Profile

Prof Rajani S P

Assistant Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Prof Meenatchi R

Assistant Professor Image processing Data mining... View Profile

Ms Malini R

Assistant Professor Computer Science & Engineering... View Profile

Prof Asha M L

Assistant Professor Information Technology... View Profile