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Dr Rajendra Kumar M S

Professor Marketing Metal Matris Composite... View Profile

Dr Sreenivasa T N

Professor Expertise in metal casting... View Profile

Dr S Seetharamu

Professor Mechanical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Narasimha Murthy K

Professor Material science... View Profile

Dr Y Vijayakumar

Principal Optimization of relaibility Engg... View Profile

Dr Ramesh kuppaswamy

Dean Advanced Manufacturing... View Profile

Dr Venkategowda C Gowda

Associate Professor Natural frequency analysis... View Profile

Mr Harish H

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Machine Design... View Profile

Mr Mohd Rizwan Jafar

Assistant Professor Design of prosthetics powder mettallurgy... View Profile

Mr Praveen Kumar B C

Assistant Professor Nano Composite... View Profile

Dr Nidhi Baranwal

Assistant Professor Infrared stealth technology, Radiative heat transf... View Profile

Mr Sanjeev Kumar

Assistant Professor Engine combution Modelling... View Profile

Mr Srinivasa Chari V

Assistant Professor Post Processing of Metal Additive Manufacturing P... View Profile

Mrs Geetha G Chavan

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Mr Anjan Kumar D

Assistant Professor Machine Design... View Profile

Mr Deep Narayan Singh Baudh

Assistant Professor Water injection tech in GDI engines, Computational... View Profile

Mr Rangasamy K V

Assistant Professor Composite material with natural resin... View Profile

Mr Chetan C S

Assistant Professor Engg Analysis & Design... View Profile

Dr Harish Kumar N S

Assistant Professor Reliability Analysis Techniques, Artificial Neural... View Profile

Prof Kanchan Dwividi

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Dr Manjunatha C J

Assistant Professor Machine Design... View Profile

Dr Srikumar Biradar

Assistant Professor Polymer composite materials for pressure vessels... View Profile

Prof Sridhar S

Assistant Professor Engineering Mangaement... View Profile

Prof Chandrasekhar G L

Assistant Professor Thermal, Composite materials... View Profile